Lift off and map the brain

A journey into the brain

Every second, hundreds of billions of electrical pulses race through the caverns of your mind. Where do they travel? How do they make you who you are? A map of the brain may answer these questions. With Brainflight we can soar through uncharted regions of the brain to reveal its neural wiring. Join the global effort to create the world's first brain map of the cerebral cortex.

Architecture of the brain (video)

Architecture of the brain

The brain is packed full of microscopic wires that are 200 times thinner than a human hair. Get a first-hand look at the brain data that neuroscientists use to analyze its wiring.

Scientific goals (video)

Scientific goals

Brainflight builds upon recent technological breakthroughs in neuroscience. Learn more about the scientific background to the project and why a mouse brain helps us understand our own minds.


More about the brain

The human brain contains nearly 100 billion neurons. Did you know that the small portion called the cerebellum contains more neurons than the rest of the brain combined? Humans use it for typing, throwing, playing guitar, and other precise movements.